Your patients are on Social Media. Connect with them.

We all know that modern businesses need a social presence, but it's often unclear how to research, schedule and execute a social media plan that connects with both existing patients and potential guests. Our professional community management services can help take your Facebook or Instagram page off life-support and transform it into a thriving community.

Social Media and Community Management

Circulation Dental can help your practice's social media channels grow from a few random posts or iPhone photos to a full-fledged, professional presence on social media channels like Instagram, TikTok and Facebook.

We're not just a social media management solution for dentists, we work with graphic and content designers to make your office shine on social.

Is it time to stop asking the front desk or dental assistants to handle your office's social media so they can focus on their core job functions? Let a professional with the skills and tools designed specifically to keep your social channels active and beautiful, to showcase your practice's individual style and team handle it. With our community management services you can get back to focusing on the things that matter.

We are expert Community Managers

Circulation Dental, through our parent agency Circulation Studio has been handling a range of social media accounts for clients in various industries throughout California and the United States. Now we are focusing our efforts on helping dental practices take their social media accounts from average to amazing.

Rest assured that your social profiles will stay active and engaged

3-4 unique posts per week on Facebook and Instagram

We'll take care of all the comments, reviews and guest questions

Review Responses

We'll take care of responding to and thanking guests for their social media reviews.

Instant Messaging

We will make sure no instant message or patient request goes unanswered.

Profile Optimization

We will make sure every aspect of your social media page is optimized for success.

Build Your Community, Online

We can help you build and maintain an active social media presence online to make sure that current and potential patients are seeing what makes your practice special.

The Facebook social media logo in a blue circle.
The Instagram social media logo multicolored.
The old Twitter social media logo on a blue background.
The green logo for Nextdoor.
The LinkedIn logo on a blue background.
The iconic tiktok logo against a sleek black background, representing the world of social media.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Our Social Media Management Service

What will you need from me or my team?

Not much. We curate an active social posts calendar that will incorporate holidays, dental events, industry news and community events that can be posted to your social media channels on time, and at professional quality. However, to really showcase the unique personality of your staff we ask that you send us team photos, patient result pictures and in-office event media that your staff is often already taking anyway. We will provide suggestions for more content and send reminders to key staff members to help drive the social media posts that are being published on your pages.

What social platforms do you manage?

At the moment, we are focusing on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Depending on the scope of the project and our clients' needs, we can manage LinkedIn and TikTok as well, which have different purposes and objectives as a social media platform.

How many posts per week can I expect?

This will depend on the scope of the project, the objectives of your campaign and the dental marketing package you choose. But in general you can expect 2-3 posts per week, per platform with some topics overlapping between the social media channels. In other words, we may post a slight variation of the same post on Facebook and Instagram, or use the cross-platform connection to post automatically. Rest assured, however, that your post will be 100% unique. You can check out the types of posts we target by viewing our complete dental social media calendar 2023.

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