Your name is your business. Control the perception.

We've helped dentists just like you take control of their online profiles and reviews to not only grow their review count, but address less than satisfactory reviews and turn frustrated guests into advocates for your brand. Let us do the same for you.

Reputation Management Services

Circulation Dental offers an array of services to help dental practices control their narrative online. From Yelp, Google, HealthGrades, 1800-Dentist and even Nextdoor profile management, to direct review responses and messaging, we can help you grow your practice's reputation on the web.

We're not just a reputation management agency, we're reputation curators, helping you tell the story of your practice at it's best.

Reputation Management is just that: management. We don't create your online narrative: we help shape and manage the narrative your guests are already sharing to make sure the story of your core values is at the forefront of your online reputation and that unhappy guests are addressed in a fair and appropriate manner. Sometimes guests just want to be heard and it's often the little details that are overlooked that can make a huge difference between a one-star and five-star experience.

We are certified Yelp Advertising Partners

Circulation Dental, through our parent agency Circulation Studio has achieved the designation of a certified Yelp Advertising Partner. By participation in the program we have access to unique tools and expertise to grow your dental practice, assist in the management of your online reputation and create a patient-driving ads campaign. We invite you to learn about the many benefits of working with a Yelp Partner, such as Circulation Dental.

Yelp Partners have access to better tools and support.

We are your single point of contact. No more sales calls from Yelp!

Yelp Partners, like Circulation Dental can reduce your advertising costs.

Review Strategy

Get help encouraging and generating reviews across an array of platforms.

Review Management

Negative reviews are frustrating but we can help you with fix them or run damage control.

Profile Optimization

Make sure your profiles on Google, Yelp, Healthgrades etc. stand out.

Craft Your Story, Online

We can help you generate and shape reviews across a variety of online directories to make sure that potential patients are seeing the best side of your practice.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Our Reputation Management Service

Can't I just ignore Google and Yelp?

You can ignore them, but they aren't going away. It's in Google and Yelp's interest to have the most complete database of businesses on the web. They will find your office and add it to their listings, allowing guests (and often nefarious non-guests!) to leave reviews or edit information on your business listing. It's best to get ahead of it and control the narrative of your online listing. Whether you consider it an annoyance, a necessary evil, or an awesome way to reach new clients, we can handle everything for you, allowing you to focus on what you do best – quality oral care.

How can you help us generate reviews?

Over nearly a decade of working with dental professionals just like you, we've refined a review generation strategy that delivers. We utilize every tool at our disposal to politely encourage user reviews without violating Google or Yelp's guidelines, ensuring that your reputation grows and potential patients expect five-star service when visiting your practice.

Can you remove negative reviews?

If anyone can, it's us. But there is no magic wand for removing negative reviews online. We start by analyzing the review in-depth to see if it violates any of Google or Yelp's guidelines and determine if we can flag the review for removal. If this is not an option we will work directly with you and your team to formulate a case-specific plan to achieve a resolution with the patient or make a public reply that absolutely nails it, without turning off potential patients.

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