Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Ads for Dental Offices

As both certified Google Ads and Yelp Advertising Partners, with a strong background in organic SEO and sophisticated keyword research, Circulation Dental is perfectly positioned to run complex and data-driven, budget-stretching ad campaigns for your practice.

100% Measurable

Pay-per-click advertising through Google and Yelp is 100% measurable and reported in detail. We can setup Call and Ad conversion tracking to measure down to the penny.

Customizable Budget

Whether you want to advertise aggressively to gain new patients or start small to test the waters, we can work with any budget, large or small and fine-tune as we go.

Easily Turn On/Off

After your campaign is setup and activated we can pause and restart your campaigns at your liking, ensuring your ad budget is used wisely and we are targeting appropriately.

A blackboard with the word advertising and other marketing terms written on it.

Cut the line with paid ads and target new patients within hours!

Perfect compliment to SEO

Organic rankings through SEO can take months to achieve. While you wait, why not take a shortcut and buy the terms you want your office to show up for?

Fast-track a new practice or service

Paid Ads can be setup and running much more quickly than organic strategies. Get patients in the door right away!

Check our PPC pricing options

We offer two unique pricing plans to accommodate standard and aggressive ad-spends.

We also offer PPC Management services as part of our complete dental marketing plans.



per month

Best option for small campaigns under $2200 per month

Setup Fee: $300
Ad Groups: Up to 6
Keywords: ~ 100
Retargeting: Yes
Reporting: Basic, yet accurate Google Ads reports


18% of spend

Best option for larger campaigns spending over $2200 per month

Setup Fee: Waived
Ad Groups: Unlimited
Keywords: Unlimited
Retargeting: Yes
Single Keyword Ad Groups: Yes
Reporting: Advanced Integrations with Google Analytics and AdWords


Dedicated account managers targeting your PPC campaigns to the dental services you want front and center to attract new patients

We know that every dental practice is different, so our hand-crafted pay-per-click management campaigns are custom-tailored to fit your unique goals and objectives. We will work with you directly to understand what type of patients we should be targeting and what your desired ad spend is, whether aggressive or conservative to make sure your campaign is finely-tuned and driving leads and ROI.

Pay-per-click advertising is one of the most sure-fire marketing strategies for driving new patients and with everything completely measurable and trackable down to the penny, you can be sure that your ad dollars are being spent wisely and that your campaigns are optimized to meet your objectives.

For those already employing an SEO, or, non-paid, search marketing strategy, PPC through platforms such as Bing, Yelp or Google Ads allows your office to either jump to the front of the line with target search terms such as, for example "orthodontist in New York City" or fill in the gaps for terms that you are not already ranking for. PPC works fantastic in combination with SEO!

If you sign up with Circulation Dental, you will be assigned a dedicated PPC specialist with years of experience and access to sophisticated research, optimization and AI tools to make sure your ads will achieve the optimum "quality score" and that your ad dollars will go further. And if you have any questions, we're just a phone call away!


Keyword and ad-group research
Dedicated account representative
We will report on your complete ad spend
Google and Yelp Certified
Customization of your ads landing pages
Robust custom reporting


Measurable and reportable down to the penny
Drive leads that are ready to buy
Provide traffic, instantly
Ads data can inform your SEO strategy
PPC Ads aren't affected by algorithmic changes
Allow for custom retargeting

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Other services we offer to compliment paid ads

Content Development

Keep the content and blog posts flowing and your guests informed.

Reputation Management

Your name is your reputation. Make sure you control the narrative.

Local, Google Maps SEO

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Social Media Management

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