5 Ways to Remind Patients to Use Their Insurance Benefits Before EOY

The approach of the year's end can bring both excitement and urgency. In the world of dentistry, this period is crucial, as patients are reminded to maximize their dental insurance benefits before they evaporate with the year's close. Most dental insurances come with the caveat of "use it or lose it", implying any unused benefits will not carry over to the new year. The dilemma? Ensuring your patients are not just aware, but also compelled to act. To make this endeavor smoother, we've distilled a list of five effective techniques for your dental practice.

October 24, 2023

1. Email and Text Message Alerts: Direct & Digital

Modern-day communication is vastly digital. With over 3.8 billion email users worldwide and the average American checking their phone 96 times a day, the reach of digital communication channels is undeniable. Utilizing major Patient Communications software like Solutionreach or RevenueWell, practices can automate, personalize, and optimize their outreach.

Pro Tips:

Don't Forget that Personalization is Key: Address the patient by name. If their treatment history suggests certain procedures, highlight them in the communication. Many communications softwares can handle this by inserting a simple short code such as [patient name] or the like. Be sure to check with your unique software.

Attention-Grabbing Subject: Captivating subjects can greatly increase open rates. Think along the lines of "Maximize Your Dental Benefits Before Time's Up!" But if you need more ideas for slogans to capture the urgency, check out the 10 slogan ideas at the end of this article!

Clear Call-to-Action: Streamline the patient's journey. Include links for instant appointment booking or clickable phone numbers for quick calls.

2. Embed Our Free Countdown Timer on Your Website: The Power of Urgency

As seconds tick away, a *countdown timer can evoke a sense of urgency that mere words might struggle to convey. In an age where a website is a business's digital storefront, incorporating dynamic elements like timers can significantly enhance user engagement. We've done the work of creating a custom countdown timer for the remainder of 2023 and made it free to use.

*Note: Installing this widget, while easy, requires some website knowledge. So you can either download the code by clicking the button below and send and send the below code directly to your webmaster or call your website provider and ask them for their assistance installing.

Use It or Lose It!

The Clock is Ticking to Use
Your Insurance Benefits Before the End of the Year



Created by Circulation Dental

Pro Tips:

Strategic Placement: A prominently displayed timer can capture immediate attention, nudging the visitor to act. We recommend placing it on the homepage or the appointments page in an obvious location. Or, if you have a resources page for current patients, place it there as well.

Customize the Call-to-Action: Make it easy for guests to make an appointment by calling or submitting an appointment request form by placing a website button or phone number below the widget.

3. Postcard Mailers: Old School but Effective

In our rapidly digitizing world, the tangible still holds immense power. A physical postcard can act as a tangible reminder in an age of fleeting digital notifications. Patient Communications software like Lighthouse 360 offers features that can automate postcard mailing, ensuring your message gets into the hands of the right patients. Likewise you can either use a free and easy graphics program like Canva.com to create your postcard or use one of their pre-existing templates.

Pro Tip:

Create an Eye-Catching Design: Vibrant visuals and concise messaging can elevate your postcard from mere paper to an effective reminder.

4. Social Media Campaign: Engage & Educate

Beyond the realm of vacation snapshots and trending memes, social media platforms have matured into influential arenas for businesses. According to the Pew Research Center, nearly seven in ten Americans use social media. Leveraging this tool allows dental practices to reach a broad audience with targeted, engaging content. Many Patient Communications software, including Demandforce, offer integrations that help automate and track social media campaigns.

For those that are more hands on users of Facebook or Instagram, you will need to create individual graphics and text posts for your social media accounts that are scheduled to run near the end of the year.

Pro Tip:

Create Social Media Graphics that Show the Countdown: Posting regularly to social media that dental benefits are running out for 2023 can give patients the nudge they need to book an appointment. Create specific social media graphics that countdown the number of days remaining in the year from the data of posting. For example, if you are posting on December 3rd, create a graphic that says "29 Days remain to use your dental benefits!"

Create a Posting Schedule Until the End of the Year: As above, be sure to set a schedule for the remaining days in the year. We recommend making 2 or 3 posts each in the month of November and December. This will keep the initiative front-of-mind with guests but not overwhelm them.

5. Newsletter Feature: Comprehensive & Compelling

The traditional newsletter, though often overlooked, can serve as a potent tool for patient education and engagement. With the majority of adults in the U.S. still regularly checking their emails, a well-crafted newsletter can effectively bridge the information gap. Again, there are a ton of communications tools, including Dentrix's Patient Engage, that offer features to craft, send, and track newsletter performance.

Pro Tip:

Give Your Readers a Detailed Breakdown: Offer insights into the intricacies of dental insurance, shedding light on the "use it or lose it" policy and how to maximize it effectively.

Don't Forget to Include a Reminder & Call-to-Action: A gentle nudge, coupled with an easy action path, can spur patients to act.

Useful Campaign Slogans:

We know that coming up with exactly what in your campaign can be difficult so we've created 10 useful slogans to use with your promotion. Feel free to edit, expand or scrap these guys as necessary! Happy posting!

  1. "Dental Dollars Await: Use Them Before It's Too Late!"
  2. "Unlock Your Smile's Potential Before the Clock Strikes Twelve on 2023."
  3. "Year's End is Near – So Are Your Unused Dental Benefits!"
  4. "Your Smile's Best Friend: Insurance Benefits. Use Them Now!"
  5. "Tick, Tock, Smile: Maximize Your Dental Benefits in 2023."
  6. "Before 2023 Bows Out, Make Your Dental Benefits Count!"
  7. "The Clock's Ticking on Your Dental Dollars – Book Your Appointment Today!"
  8. "Your Benefits, Your Smile – Don't Let Them Go to Waste! Use Your Insurance Benefits for 2023 before it's too late!"
  9. "Dental Checkup Today Keeps Year-End Worries Away!"
  10. "End the Year with a Sparkling Smile – Use Your Benefits Now!"

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The crescendo of the year-end brings with it the task of ensuring patients are not letting their dental insurance benefits slip away. Armed with these five techniques and the power of modern patient communications software, dental practices can not only remind but also guide their patients to action. It's a dual victory—ensuring optimal dental health for the patients and a thriving practice as you usher in the new year.