Dental Marketing Tips

Call-to-actions are one of the most effective ways of driving conversions and paid advertisers on Yelp have the opportunity to customize theirs. Circulation Dental looks at 20 CTA ideas for dentists to try in 2023 to promote services, offer discounts or let your potential customers get to know you better.

This December, dental practices can use national holidays to their advantage by promoting special offers and discounts on their social media pages. There are many opportunities to write interesting blog entries related to oral health, such as National Flossing Day and Oral Health Month. Don't just get through December; embrace the holiday season by sharing our carefully crafted social media content with your followers.

Several national holidays occur in November, providing dentists with an opportunity to capitalize on the season by focusing their social media marketing efforts in this direction. There is always something to write about in April, from National Brush Your Teeth Day to Oral Cancer Awareness Month. This November, adopt an attitude of gratitude and mindfulness by sharing the following posts with your followers.

Dental practices can use the colorful fall foliage and celebrations of key occasions to boost their online presence and attract new patients. There are many opportunities to connect with your audience through interesting content throughout Dental Hygiene Month and National Brush Day. Bring out your inner leafpeeper this October with our carefully selected social media posts.

This is a great month for dentists, since they may raise their practice's profile by promoting National Gum Care Month, which takes place in September. Inform your readers with helpful posts on proper oral hygiene and overall healthy living. Get ready to shine in September with our selected social media post ideas centered around the themes of change and oral health.

August is a fantastic month for dental practices to produce engaging social media posts. Tips on oral care, interesting facts, and discounts can all be promoted during festivals like National Smile Week and National Fresh Breath Day. Put your best dental practice forward this summer by sharing our suggested social media posts for the month of August.