Apple Business Connect: What Dentists Need to Know

With the new Apple Business Connect application, dentists and other dental professionals can personalize their location place cards with images, important details, and promotions. The free solution, which Apple unveiled on January 11th, enables dental offices of all sizes to claim their location "place cards and tailor how important business information is displayed to more than a billion Apple users across Apple Maps, Messages, Wallet, Siri, and other apps.

January 15, 2023

Apple Business Connect on Browser

How Your Dental Practice Can Use Apple Business Connect

Dentists can now manage their information directly in the interactive Apple Maps place card. This includes adding and updating photos and logos, inviting patients to take actions like scheduling an appointment or making an appointment directly from Maps, as well as presenting patients with special promotions. Showcases, a new element in the place card, gives dentists the chance to provide incentives and deals to patients, such as financing alternatives, referral bonuses, new patient discounts, whitening specials, and more. Through Business Connect, dentists can quickly edit the Showcase portion of their location card.

Beginning early this month, dental offices in the US will have access to showcases; in the ensuing months, dental offices worldwide will also have access. General, non-dental businesses can also give their customers useful information by emphasizing actions for them to complete directly from the Maps place card, such as placing an Instacart order for groceries, booking a hotel room through, reserving a table at an OpenTable restaurant, and more, with just a tap.

Apple Business Connect on Browser

How to Register

Dentists can sign up for Business Connect at the self-service website from any desktop or laptop computer using their current Apple ID or by creating a new Apple ID. Once you've signed in and Apple has confirmed your company, you can claim your location(s) and start updating and customizing your place card for no further cost.

What features will be available in Apple Business Connect?

The following are some of the features of Apple's new tool:

Personalized "Place Cards"

These fully editable place cards allow you to include various components, including photos, header graphics, logos, and more. Additionally, a simple and user-friendly interface makes it simple to manage operating hours.

Apple Business Connect Edit Hours

Insights and Analytics

Receiving performance data feedback is crucial for any tool and dental offices may better understand their clientele and increase their online presence thanks to Apple Business Connect's "Data" function, which offers useful insights within the app. You'll be able to see the searches people made before booking an appointment, along with information on your Place Card, images, Showcases, and search-related insights.


Similar to Google Posts, the Apple Business Connect Showcases function is made to help companies promote recent sales and announcements. Business Connect can be used to manage this function, which is currently accessible to US-based companies with plans to expand to other countries in the coming months.

Call-to-Action (CTA) Buttons for Customers

Your office may emphasize the following actions on its Place Card. Although most apply to non-dental businesses such as restaurants or hotels, dental offices can pay particular attention to the first two: 

  • Setting a time for an office visit
  • Contacting the company through phone or chat
  • Using Instacart to place a restaurant or grocery order
  • Reserving a table on OpenTable
  • hotel reservations buying of tickets and more!

How to Improve Your Practice Profile on Apple Business Connect

Your best option right now is to enhance your Apple Business Connect profile using procedures similar to those for optimizing your Google Business Profile because many of the features are the same. We'll soon release a thorough tutorial on how to optimize your Apple Business Connect so you can promote your practice on Apple Maps in 2023.