20 Effective Yelp Call-to-Action Ideas for Dental Practices

Free Yelp profiles only offer a handful of options for customizing your office's unique voice and messaging to patients. However paid Yelp advertisers who want to stand out can optimize their profile and can create what is called a "Call-to-Action" (or CTA for short) that invites potential guests to interact with their profile and learn more information about services offered, promotions being run or key staff members you want to showcase. In this article Circulation Dental takes a look at what makes a great CTA and offers 20 unique CTA ideas with real-word examples dental offices can use now.

June 25, 2023

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Yelp Call to Action Hero Graphic

A General Overview of CTAs and Their Benefits

Before we dig into CTAs on Yelp, let's first get a basic understanding of what CTAs are and how they can they can benefit your business. The acronym CTA stands for "Call-to-Action" and generally represents the key design element found on any type of marketing content (web pages, articles, graphics, business profiles etc.) that prompts and encourages the viewer to take an action that will lead to a desired outcome. They can take the shape of a button, hyperlink, picture or line of text but their goal is always the same – to catch the user's attention and motivate them take the next step in the conversion funnel.

Some examples of CTA goals might be to buy a product, signup for an event or newsletter, download something or make a phone call to a business. For dental practices, it's easy to assume that the call-to-action should normally be for a new patient to call and book an appointment but this a far too narrow view of how CTAs can benefit your overall marketing strategy. For example, if your office has a specific goal of generating new patients it might be a good idea to direct the call-to-action to a page on your website with a "New Patient Special" or if teeth whitening appointments are the focus for for summer, you might consider sending the patient to the teeth whitening page on your website or blog post on "How Teeth Whitening Can Brighten Your Smile This Summer." Or, you might find that educating patients on your financing options could be beneficial and send them to your Financing FAQs or payment options page. Regardless of the desired outcome a well-designed CTA is action oriented and often creates a sense of urgency and benefit for the viewer.

Need a shameless example? Here is a CTA plugging our dental marketing consulting services that encourages the reader to click over to our appointment scheduler and book a call with one of our account managers.

What are CTAs in Yelp and Where do They Show Up?

Before we get started started showing you how to create custom CTAs on your Yelp profile it's important to note that this is a paid feature in Yelp as part of their "Enhanced Profile" product set. At the time of writing, Yelp is currently offering the custom CTA upgrade at $2/day or about $60 per month. Be aware that this pricing may change or that the product gets folded into a required bundle.

Yelp also has a variety of profile add-ons offered as a bundle to further enhance your business listing and stand out in the results pages of Yelp. These include Portfolios, the ability to upload a Custom Logo or Verified License, Business Highlights (the little colorful icons) and a social upgrade called Yelp Connect. But for the purpose of this article, the basic profile enhancement upgrade is all that's needed to get started with custom CTAs, which, according to Yelp lead to a 38% increase in traffic and customer leads versus the free profiles.

Yelp CTA Signup

Where are CTAs displayed in Yelp?

Yelp call-to-actions are primarily shown in the upper right of your business listing page and contain a short line of text (up to 30 characters) and one of several pre-defined buttons such as book now, buy now, schedule now etc. In the below example you see that the fictional dental practice is choosing to advertise that they are accepting new patients and encourage patients to book an appointment on their appointment scheduling page. Because the CTA "schedule now" button is in the bright Yelp red color, the viewers' eye is immediately drawn to this area and presented with some basic information on how to take the next step towards the desired action (in this case – scheduling an appointment).

Yelp Call-to-Action Example of Dental Practice

How to Set Up Custom Call-to-Actions on Yelp?

Now we'll get into the nuts and bolts of how to actually purchase, setup and create a custom call-to-action on Yelp. As we mentioned previously this is a paid feature and also requires that your dental practice has claimed their listing and setup a Yelp Business Profile. Once this is complete the steps to setting up your CTA are as follows:

  1. Log into your business dashboard by visiting business.yelp.com.
  2. For multi-location practices, make sure to select the correct location in the upper-left of your business dashboard.
  3. Navigate to the "Call-to-Action" section of the sidebar on your left. Here you will be prompted to purchase the upgrade either as part of a bundle or by itself.
  4. One the purchase is complete, make sure you remain in the same "Call-to-Action" section of the dashboard and select the appropriate fields based on your custom CTA or one of our ideas further in this article! In the following example we are setting up a summer teeth whitening campaign set to direct patients to a teeth whitening page on the practice's website with an end date of August 31st when summer ends and we can consider setting up a back-to-school CTA.
  5. Finally, click the button "Set Call to Action." Done!
Setting up a Yelp CTA
Setting up a Yelp CTA

20 Creative Call-to-Action (CTA) Ideas Dentists Can Use to Stand Out on Yelp

We want to create clear and concise CTAs for our Yelp profile to increase engagement and potential conversions (i.e. patient education, increased appointment requests, promote specialities and core services). Because of Yelp's character count restriction we must maintain simplicity and aim for urgency in our CTAs that remain genuinely in line with your practice's capabilities and focus. This blend of clarity, authenticity and urgency will make your Yelp CTAs a powerful tool for attracting new guests!

With this in mind, here are 20 (some creative and some more general) Yelp CTA ideas for dentists that can help increase visibility, attract new patients, and ultimately grow your business in your social media profiles. 

Book an Appointment: Encourage potential new guests to schedule an appointment at your office.

Title: "Book an Appointment Now!"

Button: "Schedule Now"

Destination: Link to the appointment booking page of your website.

Yelp CTA Example for Book an Appointment

Call Now: Make it easy for guests to pick up the phone and call for an appointment with a "Call Today" CTA.

Title: "Call Today for an Appointment!

Button: "Book Now"

Destination: To my phone" (the appointments number)

Yelp CTA Example for Call for Appointment

Visit Our Website: Direct new guests to your website to learn more about your services, staff and payment options.

Title: "Visit Our Website"

Button: "Learn More"

Destination: Link to the homepage of your website.

Yelp CTA Example for Visit Our Website

Learn More About Our Services: Have guests explore your website or Yelp page to learn more about your practice and the types of treatments you offer.

Title: "Learn Which Services We Offer"

Button: "Learn More"

Destination: Link to the Services Page of your Website

Yelp CTA Example for Dental Services

Get a 2nd Opinion: Offer free consultations or second opinions to attract new patients who might be looking to make a switch of dental providers.

Title: "Need a 2nd Opinion? Call Now!"

Button: "Call for Details"

Destination: "To my phone" (the appointments number)

Yelp CTA Example for 2nd Opinion

Download Our Patient Forms: Make the check-in process streamlined and easy for new guests by allowing them to download and fill out patient forms ahead of time.

Title: "Download Our Patient Forms"

Button: "Learn More"

Destination: Link to the PDF or patient forms section of your website.

Yelp CTA Example for Downloading Patient Forms

Read More Reviews: For practices with a low review count on Yelp send them somewhere like Google or your Website to read more reveiws and testimonials.

Title: "What Our Guests are Saying!"

Button: "Learn More"

Destination: Link to your Google reviews, WebMD, HealthGrades, DemandForce profiles or to a testimonials section of your website.

Yelp CTA Example for Reading More Reviews

Get Directions: Provide more detailed directions or parking info to your practice and make it easy for patients to find you and know where to park.

Title: "Driving and Parking Directions"

Button: "Learn More"

Destination: Link to a page on your website with maps, and detailed instructions.

Yelp CTA Example for Driving Directions

Follow Us on Social Media: Direct patients to your social media pages to stay connected with your practice and participate in your social channels.

Title: "Get Social With Us!"

Button: "Learn More"

Destination: Link to the social media platform of your choice. This might also say: "Follow us on..." etc.

Yelp CTA Example for Social Media

Join Our Newsletter: Encourage new guests to sign up for your newsletter (if applicable) to stay informed about your dental practice, services, and promos.

Title: "Join our Guest Newsletter"

Button: "Get Offer"

Destination: Link to your patient newsletter signup form.

Yelp CTA Example for Newsletter Signup

Before/After Gallery: Offer a link to your case results photos so guests can know the power of a smile transformation at your practice.

Title: "See Our Amazing Case Results!"

Button: "Learn More"

Destination: Link to your Smile Gallery or Case Results section of your website.

Yelp CTA Example for Case Results

Watch Our Video: Provide a link to a promotional video with interviews of the staff, descriptions of services or any special video content you want to share.

Title: "Check Out Our Promo Video"

Button: "Learn More"

Destination: Link directly to a YouTube video or any webpage with your video content.

Yelp CTA Example for Promo Video

Meet Our Team: Introduce potential patients to your key team and highlight their expertise, qualifications and what they love about practicing dentistry.

Title: "Meet Our Amazing Team!"

Button: "Learn More"

Destination: Link to the About Us our Our Team page of your website.

Yelp CTA Example for Meet Our Team

Tour Our Office: Offer a virtual or in-person tour of your facility to show off your dental tech and amenities.

Title: "Tour Our Dental Practice"

Button: "Learn More"

Destination: Link to a Google Virtual Tour or short video touring your office.

Yelp CTA Example for Office Tour

Financing/Payment Options: Let potential guests know what to expect up front regarding payment plans and financing options at your practice.

Title: "Flexible Payment Options"

Button: "Call for Details"

Destination: "To my phone" and then provide the front desk or insurance coordinators phone number.

Yelp CTA Example for Flexible Payment Options

Book a Virtual Consultation: For those that offer virtual or Online consultations give new patients the ability to consult with a dentist remotely.

Title: "Online Consultations Available"

Button: "Make Reservation"

Destination: To your online consultations booking software.

Yelp CTA Example for Online Consultations

FAQs: New guests invariably have questions. Provide answers to these questions up front with a link to your FAQs page.

Title: "Get Answers to FAQs!"

Button: "Learn More"

Destination: Link to the FAQs page of your website.

Yelp CTA Example for FAQs

Special Offers: Offer the ability to view your special offers or discounts or on specific dental services to attract new patients.

Title: "View Our Current Special Promo"

Button: "Get Offer"

Destination: Link to a Special Offers page on your website.

Yelp CTA Example for Special Offers

Dental Emergency? Call Now: Provide a phone number for patients experiencing dental emergencies to contact your practice or your providers immediately.

Title: "Dental Emergency? We are Here!

Button: "Call for Details"

Destination: To my phone" (the emergency telephone number)

Yelp CTA Example for Dental Emergencies

Teeth Whitening Special: Setup a CTA for teeth whitening at the start of summer.

Title: "Brighten Your Smile for Summer"

Button: "Learn More"

Destination: The Teeth Whitening Page on your Website

Yelp CTA Example for Teeth Whitening

Final Thoughts on Yelp CTAs

Your dental practice can stand out and increase new patient engagement by using Yelp CTAs on your profile. By creating clear and concise call-to-actions that showcase your unique treatments, provide immediate direction and the value proposition of your services you can connect with potential new guests as they peruse the myriad options of dental providers on Yelp and need that little extra push to choosing a provider.

However, it's also important to keep in mind that your CTA strategy extends far beyond Yelp into a broader marketing strategy. By integrating these concepts with your website, your social media profiles and patient communications and other online (and offline!) marketing initiatives, you can gain that little extra edge that directs and encourages new bookings at your practice. So don't just stop with Yelp, but employ these techniques in all your marketing!

So, for dental practices getting started with Yelp advertising, be sure to use any of these 20 Yelp CTA ideas in your profile or get creative and come up with your own to improve conversions and have fun with your advertising. Happy Yelping!

Need help with Yelp advertising?

If you're a dental practice looking to set up Yelp CTAs but aren't sure where to start, the Yelp marketing experts at Circulation Dental are here to help! As Certified Yelp Partners we have the tools and know-how to enhance your Yelp profile to its fullest. Contact us today to setup a no-obligation consultation.